Welcome back all our loyal supporters and Welcome to our new guests! It's been a while, but with the completion of the new book, it’s time to revive the site and stir things up again!

Where to buy our books

Of course, we're still available on Kindle and as a direct PDF download here or on eBay! Once again, this brings us closer to the goal! (Incase you forgot, the goal is to be on the Oprah Book Club)

The eBay sales listing is a little odd, as they will only allow us to sell the CD of the book, not the download… They should really look into this new “inter-net” thing; really handy!

We still need all our friends and fans to get the word out, so tell everyone to check us out here and on Facebook. And, as always, if any of you know Oprah, a mention would be appreciated!

Facebook Fan Page

We're also doing the fan page on facebook, so be sure to log on and check that out. You can view my current projects and leave posts for us as well.

The eBook download is available here!

Yes! It's true! You can purchase the eBook version of The Evolution of Linda right here! I know eBay will only allow us to sell the CD version there, but here YOU HAVE THE CHOICE! YOU HAVE THE POWER!

Through the magic of the "inter-net", you can choose the full eBook in either PDF or you can also request a CD format, but then we have to charge shipping, but it's still your choice!

Follow this link **Purchase the eBook**  and follow the prompts. Then, once PayPal confirms the payment, we will email the PDF of the book and the JPG of the cover art to you.


And, of course, there’s the hardcover version of the actual printed book… We haven’t forgotten about that either. With the current state of the publishing industry and the economy in general, it looks like traditional publication is out of the picture for the time being. Not to be deterred, we’re talking to a number of self-publication houses and subsidy publishers. The upside to this is making an actual printed book on store shelves and available via the web. The downside is a much higher per copy cost than other books out there. Either way, it’ll mean some significant cash outlay, so I’m being very careful to ask all the questions up front.

We invite your input here, as always. Just how much would you be willing to pay for a limited edition, first edition? What would be just too much to pay? Drop us a note and let us know what you think… publishing@lindadarkhorse.com


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